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Under a moonlit sky, where shadows dance and dreams take flight, immerse yourself in an enchanting evening of nocturnal melodies. Les 9’s Nocturne, featuring the elegant sound of eight cellos and one double bass, takes us on a journey that is woven around the ethereal beauty of nighttime.

Produced by • Francis Choinière
Producers • Gabriel Felcarek & Nicholas Choinière
Assistant Producer • Vincent Bélanger
Recording & editing • Philippe Bouvrette
Recording supervision • Carl Talbot (Productions Musicom)
Mixing • Philippe Bouvrette, Carl Talbot (Productions Musicom)
Mastering • Marc Thériault (Le Lab Mastering)
Artistic Director • Vincent Bélanger
Music Arrangements • Joey Reda & Francis Choinière
Score editing • Vincent Bélanger
Graphic design and production • Marc Latulippe

© 2023 GFN Productions Inc.
GFN Classics is an imprint of GFN Productions Inc. All rights reserved. Made in Canada


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