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GFN Productions is a Quebec producer and promoter of concerts, albums, and digital media. The company invests primarily in Quebec and Canadian talent, but has presented artists from around the world.

Since 2018, GFN Productions has partnered with the Orchestre FILMharmonique to present popular films and franchises in concert. Together, they created a series that became a fixture of programming at Montreal’s Place des Arts.

As a full-service producer, GFN Productions also offers a range of services including artist management, tour support, and music recording services.


Meet The Team


Francis Choinière

President & Production Manager

Denis Chabot


Nicholas Choinière

Vice-President of Operations &

Marketing Director

Benoit Bilodeau

Musical supervision &
Research and development

Janik Felcarek

Financial Director

Tam Lan Truong


Technical Director

Claudette Dionne

Director of Communications

Sabine Malisani

Executive assistant

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